Week 8


This week we created a google site. My google site was a travel blog to the Bahamas. One of the cool tools I would definitely like to learn more about is the bit.ly tool. I liked using it when we first learned about it.


Week 7


This week we created a resume for our future selves. I hope to achieve everything that is on my resume and much more when I graduate. I have high aspirations and expectations for myself and I know I will do anything to achieve them.

Week 6

This week we learned about the copyright law. I do believe that we need the copyright law because you would be stealing someone else’s hard work and passing it off as your own. I know if i worked hard on something, such as a movie, I would want all the credit to go to me and the creators of the movie. Copyright should last for forever. If it’s your idea than it is yours and no one else’s. I believe that remixing is along the lines of plagiarism unless you are completely changing the way you are saying something. Or unless you give the person credit to the quote.

Week 5

This week we created an account with Symbaloo. You have a dashboard that you can customize what websites that you visit frequently. This is a great tool because everything is right there for you. It’s almost like a favorites bar. Only thing is you would have to have that website up all the time.