Week 12

This week we did our final project. We had to create a google site. I chose to do mine on myself. Here is my site.



Week 11


Week 10

This week we gave a screencast on our cool tool that we chose. I chose quizlet because I believe it is an excellent website for college students and all students to use. We also learned how to use jing and the screencast website. Here is my screencast http://www.screencast.com/t/XCV7WyInS5E


Week 9


This week we had to create a meme that has a deeper meaning to us. The meme I created is ¬†“when the teacher gives you the study guide and it has things on it you didn’t discuss in class.” The little boy is giving you a look with a raised eyebrow meaning are you serious right now. The picture has floated around twitter with many other captions but I saw this one was fitting for my topic. I can relate because I had just gotten a study guide with numerous of bullet points we had not gone over in class.

Week 6

This week we learned about the copyright law. I do believe that we need the copyright law because you would be stealing someone else’s hard work and passing it off as your own. I know if i worked hard on something, such as a movie, I would want all the credit to go to me and the creators of the movie. Copyright should last for forever. If it’s your idea than it is yours and no one else’s. I believe that remixing is along the lines of plagiarism unless you are completely changing the way you are saying something. Or unless you give the person credit to the quote.

Week 5

This week we created an account with Symbaloo. You have a dashboard that you can customize what websites that you visit frequently. This is a great tool because everything is right there for you. It’s almost like a favorites bar. Only thing is you would have to have that website up all the time.

Week 4

This week we learned how to use the Diigo highlight and notes tool. Also we created a bitly account that helps you shorten links. The highlight and note tool will be helpful so when you are reading articles all your notes and highlights will stay.

Week 3

Using the RSS feed makes it easier to check all your social media at once. If your checking for applications and information on jobs it is all in one spot, instead of going to all the different websites. I will get a job and learn how to do my job in the best way possible. If that means going back to school to further my education I will.