Week 2 Post

For this weeks assignment, we had to create a professional twitter and use the tools from diigo. Twitter is another social media forum that many people have linked to professionally and personally. It can also be a double edged sword. If your employer sees your personal one and is not impressed then you can be in some trouble. But if they see a nice professional twitter with accomplishments and goals listed than this can be good. Diigo is another site that is helpful to posting information. You can take an article that you have read and share it to whatever account you want it linked to with additional comments from yourself. The tools let you highlight, bookmark, and comment on any article. I believe both websites have its benefits and can help you in the long run if used correctly.


Positive Online Profiles

I do believe that creating a positive online presence is valuable when searching for jobs. In today’s world technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives. Forbes says, “we’re seeing more and more recruiters use the web as a place to search for talent and conduct employment background searches.” Many people have social media profiles so now jobs are looking through those before hiring. If you have any offensive content on your profile sometimes you are overlooked for the job. Building a positive online profile is crucial in today’s world.